Today, it was announced, that Titan is not abonnded as it was to understand of the last news by Aurelius. It was announced before, that no capacity is free for Titan development and a lot of people on Aurelius Mailinglist interpreted it as a full stop of Titan DB development. We did the same here at PureSol Technologies.

It was pointed out, that this is not the case and even better: Titan Graph Database shall become a full Apache project, which brings some confidence to have Titan around some longer and that development is not stopped.

Because of this news, we stop thinking about the future of eXtended Objects of Titan and proceed with the work on it, whcih will hopefully lead into a stable release of a version 1.0.0 based on Titan 1.0.0 and eXtended Objects 1.0.0 within this year.

There were some messages during the last two days about the future of Aurelius Titan Graph database:

The implications for the development and future of the current Titan Graph Database are not clear at the moment. For the development of eXtended Objects for Titan the next days a decision will be made. It is surely not meaningful to develop for and wasting time on a technology which is obsolete.

The future of Titan and the new product by Datastax will be observed closely and any decision will be published here in short term.

DuctileDB is a feature rich graph database based on Hadoop and HBase.

eXtended Objects for Cassandra is an implementation of eXtended Objects to be used with Titan Graph Database.

Version 0.2.0 of eXtended Objects for Titan was released on December 5th. The current release is based on eXtended Objects 0.4.5 and Titan Graph Database 0.5.2. More information can be found on the projects page.